Oliver Kubs

General Manager

As a journalist and mediator by training, my career has taken an unconventional route, leading me to the helm of a successful lawn mowing business for over a decade. My journey is a testament to the adaptability and innovation that define my ethos.

The genesis of my most notable invention came from a simple yet ingenious attempt by my foreman to protect himself from the relentless sun. Witnessing his rudimentary design sparked a burst of creativity in me. Drawing inspiration from Chris Keoghan's (Pronounced Kogan) original concept, I embarked on a mission to refine and enhance the design to suit standard hearing protection devices. This was no small feat. It involved the introduction of proprietary flaps that effectively shield against the sun, transforming a basic idea into a sophisticated solution tailored for practicality and efficiency.

This innovative hat, which I prototyped and refined, was put through its paces in the very environment it was intended for — my lawn mowing business. The rigorous testing under real-world conditions ensured that the final product was not only effective but durable.

Beyond my entrepreneurial ventures, I have a rich background spanning various industries, including property investment. This diverse experience has given me with a unique perspective and a versatile skill set that I bring to all my professional undertakings.

Through it all, my journey underscores a commitment to innovation, continuous improvement, and the pursuit of excellence, principles that I continue to uphold in all my endeavors.

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